Visit the Studio

Spaulding Studio is located on San Juan Island, Washington at 1713 Cattle Point Road, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Take the Anacortes ferry to Friday Harbor. Take Spring Street to the corner of Argyle. Turn left onto Argyle and continue past the county fairgrounds until you have come to Cattle Point Road. As you continue south on Cattle Point Road the road will make two right angle turns. Just stay stay on Cattle Point Road. We are approximately 3 miles from the ferry landing. Spaulding Studio will be on the left.

Our studio is often open to the public, especially during the summer. When you see our open sign come in.  Otherwise please arrange a visit by phone at 360-378-5594 or by email.



History of Spaulding Studio

Lewis and Nancy grew up thirty miles apart from each other in Vermont, but didn't meet until attending the University of Arizona in Tucson.

After deciding to embark on a life together they served two years in the Domestic Peace Corps, VISTA. (Volunteers in Service to America) Their first remarkable year was spent on the Seneca Indians Allegheny reservation in upstate New York where they were adopted by the tribe. (1967) "The Indians were a catalyst toward a deepening vision of mans relationship with the land." Their second year of service was spent on the Olympic Peninsula where they worked with several groups including the members of the Skokomish Tribe near Potlatch. Once again they felt enriched by this experience.

Washington state captivated their hearts and they decided to stay in the area. For awhile they lived in Whatcom County, moving to San Juan Island in 1978. There they began the dream of building a home and studio. They arrived on the island with a small trailer which housed themselves and their two daughters, a dog, a cat, and a goldfish! They began building their studio first so they could keep up with art show commitments. Later they constructed their home from a Monterey Dome kit which arrived on the back of a small truck. No instructions were included. "It was rather like putting together a giant tinker toy set!" That was more than thirty years ago. Today they are grateful to be able to continue living their passion in a place that is harmonious with their creative needs.

Inside Spaulding Studios